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Laser Cutting and Engraving Solutions

Northwest Laser Systems is committed to providing high-quality Epilog Laser machine solutions to maker spaces, sign creators, startups, woodworkers, award companies, machine shops, and more!

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Latest Technologies for Laser Engraving

Epilog Laser machines are the most versatile and reliable laser machines on the market. From engraved wine glasses to rubber stamps to engraved signs to personalized devices, an Epilog Laser can laser etch any material with photos, graphics, logos, and text.

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Laser Cutting for Building and Fabricating

Laser cutters are great for the precise and efficient cutting of acrylic, laminates, leather, paper, textiles, and wood. Laser machines can be used for prototyping, packaging, product merchandising, branding, and many other custom creations, and are a productive and user-friendly solution to help facilitate innovation within companies.

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Metal Marking, Etching, & Engraving

Epilog's fiber laser engravers etch barcodes, serial numbers, text, and logos in metals including stainless steel, aluminum, tool steel, brass, titanium, and much more. An Epilog's ability to directly mark mechanically engineered metal parts, tools, and components makes them an ideal choice for companies looking to expand and innovate with new products and services.

Epilog Laser Cutter Engraver Projects & Materials

cutting board laser engraved cow


Wood inlay, signage, box building, toys, jewelry, souveniers, and more!

laser cut acrylic pear shapes


Acrylic cut maps, awards, signage, branding, point of sale, and promotional displays.

leather laser engraved notebook


Leather clothing, purses, wallets, shoes, braclets, and sporting goods.

3d laser cut trex jurassic world


3D model building, architecture, cards, jigs, and prototyping.

glass wine bottle laser engraved with epilog


Wine glasses, wine bottles, beer steins, mirrors, and score stained glass.

stone laser engraved cheese platter

Stone / Ceramic

Engrave donar bricks, memorial stones, geode slices, slate coasters, and charms.

laser cut paper scored perf and folded


Paper invitations, popup cards, packaging, event cards, business cards, and unique dye cuts.

laser rubber for custom stamps mother's day


Rubber stamps, sign making, letterpress prints, flexographic, and text plates.

BOFA Fume Extraction Systems for Laser Cutters and Engravers

BOFA laser exhaust fume systems


BOFA Americas, Inc is a multi-award winning world leader in fume extraction and filtration, acknowledged as number one in the industry. Ours is an unrivalled heritage of nearly 30 years’ experience in providing fume extraction solutions which are reliable, high quality and with a low lifetime cost of ownership. BOFA's expertise is well established and trusted by all sizes of businesses, from global market leaders to niche production in a wide cross section of industries including Laser Marking, Coding and Engraving Industries.

BOFA's Vision

“To maintain our position as the world leader in Fume Extraction Technology by delivering innovative quality product solutions that combine high performance with low cost of ownership. To be the supplier of choice - adding value to our customers’ business activities whilst demonstrating our partnership qualities at all levels. To continually strive for further improvement by investing in our people and services.”

Purex Exhaust Systems for Lasers


Proper laser fume extraction during the engraving and cutting process is very important for operator safety as well as to maintain your laser and quality of work. Improper extraction such as attempting to exhaust to atmosphere can lead to beam diversion and the need to replace optics. Not to mention those fumes are not removed only diluted out of the building. Fumes such as those caused by lasing acrylic are very odorous and cause discomfort to those around. Our high-pressure vacuum and multi-stage filtration are designed to deal with such issues.

Marking and Code Engraving

Laser marking and coding applications can present particulate and vapor concerns. Multiple extraction solutions are available, and our experts can help you select the proper machine based upon your substrate and volume of work. Our laser fume extraction machines can help your facilities health and safety by creating a healthy working environment for you and your employees.

purex laser exhaust fume systems